Sergio Mayenco

Entrepreneur, founder of Orache Disinfection, Horse History and Sabiemprende. Dreamer at Imagine Creativity Center SF

Entrepreneur, creative and ability to face serious changes. Good communication skills and leadership. Strong in teamwork and accept risks. Emphatic, imaginative and innovative.
Entrepreneur passionate about innovation, entreprise, internationalisation , strategy, water treatment, olfactory marketing, renewable energies, internet sectors, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Through my work experience for Envasados del Pirineo, innovating, manufacturing, and selling products for water treatment. Besides I am also a highly creative with well developed social and communications skills. During theses years, I have founded companies in different sectors, like water, detergency, renewable energies, sales on-line, biotechnology, etc.

Specialties: Creativity, Marketing, Olfactory Marketing, Enthusiasm, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Communication Skills, Negotiation, Teamwork, Ability to Improvise, Coolness under Extreme circumstances, Patience, Business Readiness, Innovation Skills, Coaching, Star-ups, Networking, Strategy.