Angel Asín

Founder & President espublico S.A.

Public services for administration
goodbye documents hello data!!!
Spanish technological project directed to the local Administration. Big Data. Digitization

Espublico is a company with a hybrid model SaaS, Cloud Computing and Big Data that the future will tell you how it develops.

Clear European reference in Cloud Computing with really spectacular data.

5,500 municipalities use our services on a daily basis.

In a world of changes, you can not understand technological projects without content. It was always clear to me that we had to «hybridize» the legal world with the technological world, building in this way not only innovative solutions but also useful for our user. This purpose has the quality of being the BEST in both worlds.

In this way we provide

1. Content services:

Human resources:

2. Technological services through:

to. «GESTIONA»: / Electronic administration platform

b. esfirma: / Certification service provider for public administrations

Both worlds CONNECTED through a technology that gives us a clear leadership position and that we assume in the only way we know: INNOVATING PERMANENTLY